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Welcome to the Canada Branch of Ibusa Community Development Union (ICDU). ICDU is a global organization set up to support the progress and development of the people of Ibusa. Membership is strictly limited to men and women of Ibusa origin – by birth or marriage.


To build Ibusa where everyone has a decent place to live.


To Protect and enhance quality of life for all our people as they age


Indigenes of the community and their wives are by birth members of the community.

Ibusa is one of the prominent towns of Delta State in Nigeria. Geographically it is located on the left flank of the lower part of the River Niger. The inhabitants of Ibusa are renowned for their rich culture, tradition, industry, impressive academic pursuits and religious leanings.

Christianity is very rife in Ibusa, a town which in 2009, its population reached 566, 310. History seems to suggest that the people of Ibusa were Igbo migrants from the Eastern part of the country. The first indigenes of Ibusa embarked on an expedition led by Prince Umejei, where they reportedly crossed the River Niger about the 15th Century.


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